Community Producers

Sarah McCollum

Producer, Editor, Director, Camera Operator

Projects I’ve worked on include PSAs, informationals, documentaries, trailers for live action features development, live action shorts & TV features, event coverage with & without live streaming, and scene study for actors. In my 7 years of industry experience, I’ve worked in both Taos and Albuquerque.

I’ve worked with subjects such as American studio craft, the New Mexico music scene (classical, Hispanic, soul, etc.), food gardening, psychic channeling, mixed martial arts, the film & advertising special effects industry, the New Mexico film community, health care, dance, and typical dramatic TV episodics & film. I also consult to productions and tutor Final Cut Pro.

The power of story in film is important to me, as is the impact of media on culture. I’m happy to team up with other media professionals, or work on my own, to produce your story in the media.


Mark Goebel

I have been photographing for more than 40 years. Recently, I went digital and starting doing video also. I have several online photo exhibits. Business in the Bario is a tongue-in-cheek narration of a fictitious Maquiladora plant in Cuidad Juarez Mexico. I was an itinerant photographer in Mexico from 1986 – 1995. Hoofprints is a series of 30+ decorated/painted horses I photographed in Amarillo, Texas. I have 16 x 20 inch prints of both these exhibits and am looking to exhibit in a gallery.

I created and manage a Stock Photo Archive of more than 800,000 photographs. Here is a collection of my videos, including this aerial time-lapse of Taos.

I moved to Taos in November, 2012. I like the natural beauty of the area. I feel I can be creative here. If you need a volunteer for making documentaries, I would be interested.


Candyce O’Donnell

Video Producer, Director, Camera Operator

I am currently working with Kit Carson Electric Cooperative to produce promotional videos on the Fiber to the Home initiative. I regularly videotape the Taos County Commission meetings, which I have been doing since the late 1980′s. I also documented the construction of the new Taos County Administrative Judicial Complex, producing 29 reports which are archived on my YouTube channel.

I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism from New Mexico State University, where I first learned to shoot 16mm film on an old Bell & Howell camera. I’ve worked as a news stringer for KOAT TV News channel 7 and KOB TV channel 4. This work has brought me into countless encounters with fascinating places and people including then President Jimmy Carter, Prince Charles and Armand Hammer.

I love Taos, and enjoy working as a team to produce collaborative projects. Feel free to email me if you would like to discuss any proposed projects.

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