Car insurance and marriage

Typically, before a couple gets married, they usually have separate car insurance policies if they both have their own cars and live in different places. This is usually because the woman would need to drive to work in the morning, then go to her own place or shopping. Now, however, men could be able to ask for a car insurance policy that could cover their partner. It would mean that the man would be liable for any claims made by his partner, in the case of an accident. The Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis said on Monday's edition of This Morning: “Insurance firms have realised if they know someone’s woman has left her job and will be shopping on a regular basis they can cover her separately. if you are the insured driver, then your own policy, a spouse’s policy could change her policy so that she’s married to them.

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Martin Lewis explained that men would still need to make sure that the insurance was valid for their female partner to drive without being at risk of receiving a substantial fine. He added: “If you want the same policy but a female is included in the cover then it has to be that bit more expensive, but it will be a similar, if not identical, price as a man’s policy.” The Money Saving Expert also warned that men may have to claim for injury to a female if they make a claim for any accident on her behalf. “Insurance companies often check whether a woman driving is married in a crash and need proof,” he said. “If there is a claim the male driver will need to make a separate claim and again the offer to cover the woman separately is often part of the policy offer.

GETTY Car insurance: Before a couple gets married they usually have separate policies

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“Remember you should have both policies ready to go.” Martin also claimed that couples who are already married may still be able to take advantage of having a same sex couple in their policy. He added: “As long as the woman is married but is not the insured driver then if you both get into a crash the insurance firm can’t exclude you.” However, there is currently no legal precedent that would allow insurers to allow gay couples in their policies.

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